Chard Carnival 2014 Full Results

12 10 2014

Majorettes: 3rd Stardust, 2nd Ilchester, 1st Lyme Regis
Walkers Non Federation: 3rd Oscar Collins, 2nd Lily Cumming, 1st Friends CC.
Trade: 1st City Plumbing.
Walking Open: 1st Xtreme CC.
Walking Groups: 1st Cousins CC.
Class Pairs: 3rd Inferno CC, 2nd A&A CC, 1st Dee Gees CC.
Single Juvenile Walker: 3rd Nancy Stephenson, 2nd Rio Welsh, 1st Lorna Stephenson.
Single Adult Walker: 3rd Judy Williams, 2nd Jacks CC, 1st Andy Tizzard.
Open: 3rd Generations CC, 2nd Rascals CC, 1st Zem CC.
Mounted Youth: 1st Club 2000.
Comic: 3rd Harbourside CC, 2nd Poppe Inn, 1st 1+1 CC.
Tableaux: 2nd Unicorn CC, 1st Gemini CC.
Feature: 2nd Eclipse CC, 1st Harlequins CC.
Most Original Entry: A&A CC.
Best Youth Entry from Chard: Club 2000.
Best Routine/Pose: Eclipse CC.
Best youth Walker from Chard: Jess CC.
Spirit of Carnival: Lily Cumming.
Best Make up: Xtreme CC.
Mayors Choice: Zem CC.
Best Entry in Procession on foot: Dee Gees CC.
Best Costume on foot: Dee Gees CC.
Best Decorated Towing Vehicle: Harlequins CC.
Best Non Federation Entry: Friends CC.
Best Music on Float: Eclipse CC.
Most Colourful Float: Club 2000.
Best Lighting: Harlequins CC.
Best Costume on Float: Gemini CC.
Best Chard Float: Eclipse CC.
Public Choice: Generation CC.
Village Cup: Poppe Inn CC.
Best Charity Entry: Unicorn CC.
Best Overall in Procession: Harlequins CC.




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