Crowning Miss Chard and Carnival Princess 2014

19 09 2014

1940124_518452341631791_975499341_n 10714596_518452614965097_1033573976_n 10711195_518444444965914_720514477_n 10708152_518452458298446_1921252838_n 10705288_518452684965090_1818377353_n 10695238_518452534965105_1069596010_n 10694990_518452658298426_1724078310_n 10681700_518452711631754_613921798_n 10634196_518452644965094_744069287_n 10522728_518452701631755_1581959022_n 10276447_518452411631784_1447952704_n




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